Sunday, January 1, 2012


2011 is a good year for me, i have donw many thing,

good frenship with the IB gang, go anywhere to travel together, penang, melaka, kl, ipoh, and johor and singapore.

i have done a degree in my life, thx god i found a good job in singapore.

june is the most unluncky year to me, kena rompak. lol. but I shud thx to the 4 malay guy who rompak me, without them rompaked, i dont hv strong decision to go singapore to work. msia is too dangerous.

sept i gone through my convo. Mum I did it.

november, I started to do investment in Bursa. I will keep on continue to accumulate the stock for the future.

and I wish someone happy alwayz....

byebye 2011, 2012 i will tell you, I will be more happier than ever :)

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