Saturday, May 23, 2009

Manchester United 2009-11 home Nike kit leaked

This seems to be the new Manchester United 09/10 home football shirt made by Nike.

The shirt is not yet officially unveiled, this is a leaked picture.

Thanks to Ryan


Hanjun said...

Hey uncle bao, congrats on utd winning the title. BTW, your holiday life very interesting! Hope to see you soon. Take care. Cheerio.

puiyun said...

WHAT? AIG'S STILL SPONSORING?? seems like financial aid from the government of the united states is much helping this company.

do you have a picture of their away t-shirt? i'm curious, i may just buy the new one to support man u. haha.

Park said...

hanjun : haha not bad not bad the holiday =)
study ahrd, play harder :P
take care to you as well =)

duyun : FYI, AIG wont be the shirt sponsor for MAN UTD starts next season, man utd negotiate with a saudi arabia telecom , or airasia =) hehe...
hopefully air asia can get it =0
be proud of Msia local's brand :P