Friday, April 10, 2009


during my way backed to ipoh,proton MPV pass through my motor =)
not bad from the exterior design,
although most of the body part has been covered by the black plastic,
stil can barely see the LED red light,
the size is estimately similar to the Nissan Grand Lavina,
ummh, look forward abit, is a woman who drove that car on that time =.=|||
didnt take any photo cuz using a old lousy phone =)

these are the leaked photo found on the internet.

Proton set Nissan Grand Livana and Toyota Avanza as their newly MPV...
not chosen Toyota Wish and Toyota Innova due to the larger engine capacity and
the higher price.

the front part still ok, but the rear part, i think proton still need to be mroe
inspired in order to design a better view of the part of the vehicle.
consequently, i still prefer Toyota Wish . :P

actually, do you all think that Proton copied the design of Toyota Wish ?? :P