Monday, February 16, 2009

all da best

just now i was having a conversation with H.J.Tan.
i have realized that he has stopped study in UTAR.
he has moved to Adelaide.
he takes the same course at there.
avtually i not really like the feeling of farewell.
because i am a guy easily to be sad.
although not so closed to him, here by I still wishing him all da best in there.
everybody has his/her own target to achieve.
from my memory to him, he is the one like football so much =)
favourite EPL team is CHelsea ( i like Man UTD haha)
when i tell him, u r a guy who like to study.
he replied just face the truth, human are lazy;
if let him choose, he prefer to sleep at home instantly =)
since that Uni offer him, thus he accepted .
what is the reason to study??
to get a better job?
to get a high reputation?
or to get a high salary?
life shud be easy.
not so complicated.
all da best to you H.J.Tan