Thursday, November 29, 2007

teluk intan's trip

during that day was hari deepavalli, so all of us who planned to go T>I. will skip the friday's class.
on the thursday night, finally i saw them at Ipoh famous "teeth vege chicken" restaurant.
but a sad thing was happen...haiz..damn totally spoled our mood on that night.
later, we went to ER for clubbing.^_^.

skipped the unimportant part.

ok, on friday we went to all the gua gua in ipoh.[MOst of them...^^]
and i be the guilder to lead them to the gua yg tercantik in ipoh...^_^
called cake lok tong...a beautiful heaven in ipoh...^^

for the trip details and information, please refer to ahxianxian's blog.
thx to him so much!!!!
we have taken alot of photo too...^_^


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ahxian said...

really nice place