Wednesday, November 14, 2007

can i go back to the beginning??

in Uni, i think that long semester is quite long and the short semester is quite short...

during the long semester, all of the student only hope that time will fass paster and think about the holiday aka semester break...^^

however this situaton changed totally for short semester...

now im having short semester for my foundation course..which is the last semester of my course.

i have found that time passing very fast...and all i wanted is hoping that this semester wouldnt ended up too rapid.

but time definitely will not wait us. it is already week6 of the course and 2 more weeks i will take the final exam and by that time we all are officially graduated from foundation.
I'm glad that i can know most of the foundation friend^^
1st sem i only knew the gang of my class...^^
2nd sem started to join more and more people of other class td2 and td3...the pkh^^ top studnet in our course..^^
3nd sem i m glad to be the friend of TE gang...^^
Thus, i love all of them..and hope our friendship will last forever lol...^^

friends definitely will leave us since we are not taking the same course.

So, i think that this is quite sad because hardly i can get to know them well but i will not regret at all because we definitely will meet up somewhere^^...

hoepfully i can turn back the time and go back the past...^_^

dunno what age oledi^^

the photo of kindergarden's graduation


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