Saturday, November 3, 2007

listen the song and feel with your heart

currently quite often listen to MYMP's song.
Mayb you will ask that who is MYMP??
actually it is a acoustic band band who formed by Juris Fernandez (lead vocals) and Chin alcantara (guitar and occasional vocals) in pilipina.
They are a group of individuals known for covering old songs and 90's hits into the acoustic style.
it is a coincidence for me to know about this song when i visaited one of my friend's friendster profile.
Once i listened to the song, i immediately love it so much.^_^
so, i have found some video of them and i would to share with you all..

MYMP-Especially for You

MYMP-i never get over you getting over me (best song and voice i have ever listened!!!)

tell me where it hurts

these are some songs that i like the most.
Next time i will introduce some nice song to you all...^_^

Stay Tune

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