Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Seremban one day trip--Leoku's promo

23TH DEC 2007 8PM
ok, thing was like that, on saturday morning, when i was still asleep,

someone just called me but then i closed the voice because i thought that it was the clock.=.=

haha.. but after sometime, when i review the sound, it was actually a phone's call.haha

then one of my fren called me to sing k at night and i accepted his invitation. tihng were going well until that moment happened!!!
my fren Adrian MSN-ed me that later 3pm they will go to Seremban, Central Point to see LeoKu. and actually at that time i dont know what i should do..!!!!

sing K with buffet or leoku's promo??

sing K with buffet or leoku's promo??

sing K with buffet or leoku's promo??

sing K with buffet or leoku's promo??
ok....after some deep consideration, i've decided not to go for sing k but go the promo..^^

released now...

ok....get prepared myself while waiting the bus to arrive.

soon, i reached Mid Valley and ahha i have found my friend.

later, we started our journey to Seremban^^...

after 1 hour sumthing, we arrived there.
Galaxy officer wanted us to be on spot be4 5pm. luckily we can reached on time because we almost lost our way to there. we have asked so many people on how to go to Central Point.

skipped the unimportant part......
here are some of my frens...^^
Joey and me

Hui San and Kaka
Me and Hui San
Me and Joey again^^
Fiano and me
Stage 's design
Jc the professional photographer
Soo Mei , Joey and Peik Tze
damn boring^^

Stage again...^^
then 8pm has come, and Nicolas, the 988 DJ who was the MC on that nite to host for the promo.
and due to LeoKu hasnt come to the place, thus he decided to let the people to play a gam to win 2 RM358 concert's ticket.

He has selected 8 people from the crowd and i was one of them.

the game's rule was to sing a leoku's song in front of the stage.

at that moment, i was feeling so nervous and when i looked down to see my leg, i could see it was shaking apparently. i called Kaka, Hui an and Soon Mei to see it...and they laughed...=.=

ok....finally was my turn, actually i was the last one to present,

initially i didnt know what song should i sing. Lucily one of the contester gave me an idea. Thank her alot...^^

i have sung LeoKu's song"the 2nd love", i sang the song successfully...^^

and then, Nicolas has to choose 2 ppl into the final and asked the crowd to help him to choose and i was lucky becasue the crowd think that i have sung a nice song.^^
and the other oen was the girl who gave me inspiration to sing that song.^^
cheer for her too..^^
later after 45 minutes, Leoku finally arrived at Central Point. The corwd were applauded for the arrival of their idol and so was i.
After he had some conversation with the crowd and Nicoles, he started to sing a song"love too late". he saids that this song has influenced many people included himself and he told all of us to treasure people that we love before it is too late.
After he finished his song, it was the time that i should went upstair with another girl because Nicolas said that 2 finalists have to sing a song to him in order to win Rm358 ticket!
I couldnt believe what i saw at that moment.
i shaked hand with him but then the mid wasnt work and i have shaked his hand 3 times!!!!
Nicoles said that i was damn lucky...haha..and Leoku also made a joke for my mid didnt work..^^
then after the girl sang her song, it was my turn to sing a song for him and i have chosen his 1st ever song"the explainatioin of love"

actually i dindt practice at home cuz i already can memorized for the whole song.^^
And then the excited moment has come!!!!!!
who will gonna to win the ticket???
ahha, i successfully got the ticket from his hand...!!!!!!!!!

damn happy becasue actually i didnt plan to go for his concert cause the ticket was too expensive but hten now i owned 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
after that, the autograph section was begun and the show ended at 10pm.^^

all da girls!!! smile!!!!^^


-BeatriX- said...

haihz...haihz...u n ur leo ku~~i started to wonder if u r a gay now...lol~~joking~~

parker said...

wat!!!!!! it is a good oppurtunity lel!!!

you jealous ah..wakaka

k.o.w.a.l.s.k.i said...

didnt know you had no intention to attend the concert tim. no wonder always trying to brush it off when asked to buy ticket la...anyway, i agree the tics are way too expensive so the concert had better be nice. oh ya, congrats to you :)

kasslerviolet said...

hey congrats parker..
All the luck was urs on that day.
Hope you'll enjoy your day on that concert.Free tix.. not nice also nvm la.Haha..j/k

parker said...

hehe..thx k.o.w.a.l.s.k.i and kasslerviolet...^_^....just my luck on that day...^_^

his hand realli so basah...^_^..not joking!!!!!

and he is so nice to chat too..^_^...

Last tuesday i also followed my fren to KLIA to farewell to him...^_^...

Angel Wong said...

thats really a good chance...not everyone get to experience it..kudos!!

parker said...

haha...memory will last forever...^_^..next time show u the clip...^_^