Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what if?

ok, a misunderstanding happened btw me and one of my best fren.

1st of all, is my fault actually, supposingly not to disclose what we go in the FB.

but I forgot that his/her partner have the FB password.

and i deleted it immediately.

but he/she until today still seems unfamiliar to me edi.

so what I have to do next?

apologized, i did.

ok, change next topic, basically one week trip to Singapore is awesome for me.

my mood is relax while enjoying the holiday before moving bk to kampar.

for the past 5 months working in CSC, i seldom use my annual leave unless there is a very important thing have to gao tim.

working life is boring, stressed, sleepy, tight whenever you are busy to handle the daily task.

but i also found out that i love my job, i love it so much, i cant wait to go bk to continue my career at there.

but at the same time, difficult decision are exist.

shud I go to Sg after I graduate?? or shoudnt I?

i hope my side income can cover me everything.

selling Uniqlo sweater is a temporary earning to accumulate the money in order to play stock.

I like this quate "working cannot make you successful"

if you want be a successful, you either be a boss. or you do investment.

but before all the problem happened, have to 5 5 graduate 1st.

god bless everything will be ok =)

Thx Mei Yee, Ming Hom, yen Hong, Joel Wong, Moon Seng, Chun Yen, Lee for coming out for the gathering =)

i love this kind of feeling so much.

ok, thursday is the last day in Sg for this semester.

mostly end of DEC will come bk again =)

p/s : I miss you so much definitely , Singapore

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