Sunday, May 16, 2010

hard to say farewell

okay, today is my 2nd last day,

dunno why, feel kinda sad.

after tmr, what will happen?

i will back to the life of student.

i will stop coming to office.

i have to face back the FYP and final exam.

I will leave the life of wake up 7 30 sharp daily.

I will no longer can buy the 10sen coffee from the pantry.

i will be bk kampar to continue my last year study.

I cannot sell thing online and COD in KL.

many many thing i wanted to say and wanted to do.

glad that i can meet most of the foundation fren and teacher in PJ.

sad that there are soem fren who still doesnt want to meet with me.

happy that can meet new fren in the company.

sad that the 5 months internship period is over soon.

what I have promise myself to be accomplished within the last year study, i will keep for it.

hopefully one day I can said the 3 words to you.

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