Sunday, May 23, 2010

what if

there is one question mark in my mind for all of the time.

what happen if my status change from SINGLE into IN A RELATIONSHIP??

not dare to think bout it now.

a guy like me who didnt take other ppl advice into my mind is nothing

as long as I change this bad habit,

to become a better man.

during the time in singapore for relax, i have meet a lot of my fren.

Emily Tan, her sister, yau hong, moon seng, fun, joey wong(gonna meet up soon),

i'm the one who care fren more than lover.

so i cant imagine what will going on if I am not available soon.

1st time take plane, 1st time go clark quay, 1st time buy uniqlo in sg, 1st time buy hp in sg.

1st time do not have the feeling as a visitor to singapore.

it's just normal since 2008 my 1st time come to singapore.

it's getting ordinary and ordinary to me.

ya, here is more convenient than KL, MRT is long, big and on time.

one card can gao tim everything.

food price is reasonable, how much u pay, u can how much of the weight.

working here i think is better for most of the Msian.

so what i will doing next is packing my stuffs back kampar to study for the final year.

birthday almost reach and Im 23 years old soon.

old and grey soon =)

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