Thursday, December 13, 2007

life continuing...

ok....edi passed 12am is considered passed one day oledi...^_^...
and this afternoon 2 30pm we will have our last paper for our foundation which is webpage design...^_^

actually i didnt put much effort to it..becasue my coursework mark already 40 above...pass edi...^^

just now read ah xian's blog he has updated his post and asked me to read...^_^...
then i pun read lol...^_^...
[by that time i oli finished 2 chapter oli..haha]

now i alway think that when 2008 is come, where are we will be...can we meet again in the next year??
or just oli can contact each other with handphone?? any possibility can occurred..
actually all da decision making is in your long as you want to keep this relationship eternally..then u can..^_^
so we hav to make our decision right and true lol..^^

ok...continue to read my webpage design gonna sleep at 4-5 am galah..^_^

for the last battle...!!!

date : 14th Dec 2007
venue : PD011
time : 2 30pm-4 30pm
exam : web page design

so everybody...good luck in our final exam for foundation...^_^