Monday, December 24, 2007

Leoku "Magic Moment"'s concert 2007

venue= Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur
date = 23th, Dec 2007
time = 7:30pm

ok...1st i only just came back from Ipoh on Sunday 3pm
and i have to be rush for the leoku's concert.
i have called Von to join me for the concert since i got 2 free ticket worth total RM710.
[since her is one of the leoku fan]
then we meet up at section 14 McD and took her fren car to fetch us to LRT station.
then we took LRT and Monorail.finally we arrived at there.

members of Leoku discussing at that moment

i saw Mr Ding again and he looked so surprised^_^

Miss Von, dont be so cool oh later dun give u the ticket oh..

still discussing...
since we are nothing to do while waiting the entrance, we tooked some photo

me and Von

Me and Mr Ding

Von and Mr Ding

Me and Kaka

group photo [by Jc yg cantik ^_^]
ntrance was opened and we quered to go in.

inside's situation....da da dada!!!!

many audiences paid money for the concert too..^_^

the stage

the stage part 2

and then leoku was coming out and i managed to record a short part of it only..because the JAGA saw me and called me not to do so and i obey only..haiz...[wateva, i can buy the vcd also^_^]

the opening

during the concert

the screen[quite big]

Leoku on the stage[i noe it was blurred]

the most intersting part of the nite[beatbox]

Justin was the special guest of the night

after 2 hours 30 minutes the concert was ended by Leoku with the song "love too late"

the ending part

all the ppl went home peacefully and happily

von after the concert

me after the concert

da da!!!!!!!

report finished...

after the concert we planned to go to hotel to meet him, but since von hav to go bek early so i have to go home early..T_T...
but nvm la...
next itme can meet him again geh...^_^



Angel Wong said...

glad u enjoyed it...=)

JayceOoi said...

Happy New Year!!! :)

imDavidLee said...

i totally cant see the leoku face frm ur posted photo and shared video...anyway thnks for ur sharing...

barb michelen said...

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parker said...

david sry....cuz we are not allow to take camara into the i oli got my phone..^_^...

anyway, nice to hear your comment..^_^