Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Eve gathering 2007

ok, let's start with the topic...
Von called me 2 days before the gathering and she said that want to treat me for steamboat becasue i invited her for th Leo Ku concert.
i felt so happy la of course because got people want to call me for the 31th Dec since i dont have any thing to do on that date, so i accepted..^_^

then on 31th Dec, i have crapped 2 clothes before for the gathering one was G2000 shirt and another one was padini lol...
[*photo will be upload soon in next entry]
then i fetched von and bee to yeoude English[ipoh famous restaurant-one of the-]

what was the reason we didnt go for steamboat???
it is becasue by the time i reached von's house, it was 9 30pm edi
hah...becasue Bee made up for so long...^_^!!!!!!
when we reached there apparently there are crowded at that time.

picture showed you what i meant^_^

here are the foods that we ordered on that nite.
blueberry cheese cake
kiwi juice[that was mine!!!^_^]
honey bee chicken wing
Bee 's snap part 1
Bee's snap part2
Von and Bee
Von and Bee again..=.=

Von and........ Bee ^_^
Me and Bee


and I
okay, meng joined us when we almost finished our meals...we forced her to pay for us...^_^[just kidding only of course^_^]

later, we moved to our next destiniation ...TZ2-----a bar realli hav to use one chinese phrase-----"people mountain peole sea"

at there we enjoyed our time for the countdown and we hav snapped some photos too..^_^

when the clock reached 12am, people were laughed and delighted and the firecraker's show was on!!!!!!!

a lot of excitiment i have enjoyed on that nite thx to my 3 good fren...^_^

me and VOn ^_^

all in all, wishing you all a happy new year 2008, all the unhappiness happened on 2007 gone away and hope we all having a great year in 2008!!!!!!


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