Thursday, September 20, 2007

thing happened after the shyt exam...

ok..story continued.....

we decided to go to Sunway after the damn exam...=.=.....

definitely delighted to me..cuz it been too too long didnt touched the gloor of sunway since the real damn exam is started...^ ^..

ok...1st i hav to return bek my housemate's motor bek to home 1st..( he still slept like a pig..haha)

then after 10 minutes our destination is reached....den den denden..Sunway Pyramid....!!!!

1st thing we did is we hav to go to one of the restorant in order to resume our energy..(since we used all of them for the shyt exam) ^_^...

dendendenden..after a long long discussion.....decision has been made...^ ^

LAI MEE!!!!!

discussion began...
view from my phone...
take 2
la mei xiao long pao^_^
see me if you can...^ ^
view of the restourant

Tai Yang, shui jin, and Mix
WC with weird smile and look..haha
dunno yt doing wat at that moment...=.=
geth and kit
special guest of tat day....Ms Wan Shing!!!!!(long time didnt see her!!!)
nothing to do while waiting the food arrival...
take 2

geth's la mee

that's was mine...^ ^fried chicken 's la mee(Ms Wan Shing also ordered that same la mee as mine..^ ^)
Tai Yang's la mee..."Shang Hai's La Mee"

Ms Wan Shing sms-ing...

ok...lunch's time is's time

look for the paper...rm146 can you believe it???, we go for the game station to da kei..haha

yt chose the wrong car...cuz the steering got problem !!!haha

wan shin just concentrated to see our show!!!

Ms pretty your smile so sweet!!!!haha

haha..after that..we moved to bowling court...dendenden..
today i broke my own record on the bowling score..guess how much???


shui jing on action..^ ^
before went bek to home saw sumthing interesting...
in front of the restroom...^_^

finally, went home's time...^ ^so damn happy and tired..hopefully next time can be like this...^_^
peace.....2mrw 2pm have wish me good luck...^_^
Parker.....@ 6 45pm


Angielia said...

mis u guys so much ler~~
especially wan shing~~ eheheh
she still so cute n pretty ler~~
anyway.. do chill when im back yo`~~


parker said...

you oli miss wan shing kah???=.=
other ppl lel???

anyway....5 5 cum bek and we go sing K again..^ ^