Sunday, September 23, 2007

gotcha!!!!! are the best!!!

woolala, man utd stunned chelsea by 2 goals to 0 just 2 hours be4...^ ^..
and more important is Carlos Tevez has scored his 1st goal for Man U and Luis too^ ^

tevez, you are the best!!!!
louis, welcum bek to the field!!!!!

Jose, although i dont like chelsea, but i admit that you are one of the best coach in the world
btw, let flash back to 2 days be4....

here's the story goes....

Mr ahxianxian sent me a comment bout his favourite team(Arsenal has won the match by 5 goals!!!) and thus i have written him bek a comment on man u 's scoreline prediction

and .........let's the pic continue my speech...^_^


ok...nvr thought that my prediction on this match was absolutely "RIGHT"!!!!!!
although i didnt watch this match cuz the damn online tv software dont have the broadcast for this match...i oli managed to find valencia vs bla bla bla....T_T sob sob...gosh

ah xian xian..^ ^...geng lel^_^!!!

glory glory man utd too..^_^

sob sob, tuesday i have my chemistry exam which i considered is toughest test among the 6 tests...
so have to burn the midnight oil again to finsih my revision....
once guys do wish me goodl uck on my last last final exam in sem 2 ..k??thx 1st!!!!

^ ^

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