Thursday, September 20, 2007


omg..yesterday i almost late for the exam because i thought tat it was at 2pm but then i was was at 9am instead of that!!!!!!!!!

at that time i still havin my good time over my sweet and warm bed..but then my phone was rang. so hang it for a our conversation is like tat...
then my fren asked" where are you now???"
i said" masih tidur"
then he immediately said" u dun wan to take the exam kah??? 9am edi lol..."
then...i said" exam not 2pm meh???(still blurred blurred at that time)"
he said" are you wanna to retake the subject next sem"???
he said" you didnt look for your timetable kah??"
i said" oh my god!!!!!!! shit!!!!!!!! okok..i on my way..."

by that time i was left with less than 12 minutes to prepare myself!!!!!!!!!
omg omg omg.....wat should i do now??? cuz the distance from my home to skool was almost 15 minutes!!!!!

still left with 10 minutes...ok...decision is made....curi curi drove my housemate motor to the venue(btw, yesterday he slept at wouldnt wake up so quick one..^_^.
then...kimi raikkonen is on his way bek to skool..for the EXAM!!!!!!

thus, arrived on time and had my exam at last...sweat...=.=
luckily i still rmb wat i study yesterday nite.....
so can be consider ok for me cuz my target was to get a PASS in this sub..^_^...

finally, exam ended!!!!!! sweat again and i was so hungry at that time...=.=
i want to thx one fren who called me at that time..if not. i surely will be go for the exam at 2pjm sharp..and see none of them examin ........

haha..story closed..^ ^

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