Thursday, May 26, 2011


the woman I loved left me last July,
I promised myself will completed the Degree for her as the gift she grown me up.

I promised myself not to cry as long as I havent completed my degree.

I promised myself whatever situation I have met, I will try to fix it myself.

I am regret how could I treat her in the opposite way that other ppl did.

since the day she left us, I have changed alot.

succeed doesn't mean anything to me since then. Since she left, I have become a failure dy.

after she left, I only realised that we have had a great time together. she love me, she treat me me, make my life comfortably.

although I know I was quite naive at that time. Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I'm the one she love the most, but at the end, I hurts her the most.

since you have gone, life have changed.

the career of the 2 brothers are stable, you have become the grandmother of a baby girl.

sorry for all the those stupid and hurting things that I have done against you.

the week you left us was miserable. you have made my life suffering and terrible.

I not even wanted to go back home to sleep.

I not even wanted to have a last grace to you during your funeral.

Im a failure.

sorry mum.

you alwayz worried my life, alwayz help me consider the path I shud take.

we will only started to appreciated when there are unfortune thing has happened.

the 2 months was hardly gone through, thx fren for motivating me.
the week you have gone, I lost my appetite, i couldnt eat more, I felt guilty, I felt that im the one who caused your death. If big bro didnt advice me and gave me a direction. Im in the lost.

that week was miserable, mid-term, assignment, fyp preliminary report, practical lab test are within that week. I was napping while studying, memorizing. I remembered OM test on Saturday, I did badly. i almost wanted to cry in the public when I received my brother call ask me to go bk hometown.

that time, i started to hate my father, cuz he didnt come home to fetch you to the clinic.
but now no more feeling of hate, cuz he is my father, my close relative. I try my best to accompany him whenever I at ipoh.

finally, thx god for the blessing, thx Him for accompany me during my hard time, thx my fcoursemate for helping me in the miserable semester. thx those who have helped me a lot in my life.

I love you mum, dont worry, your son has grown maturely. he know to think before making any decision. you should feel proud =)

I have accomplished my goal as well as your goal. I wont disappointed anymore. =)

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