Tuesday, June 8, 2010


finnaly i know why why i dont wan go to love a gal.

because Im kiasi, i cant afford to suffer the dissapointment.

after today incident, i have realized that how suxx I am.

today is the decision making for the supervisor to choose 4 among of 10 student.

yesterday we have proposed our idea to him edi.

and we have decided to have a meeting on 6pm.

however, there have a guy who break the promise and steal chicken to meet him at 10am.

and after called the guy to confirmed, there is oli 1 more place left for the supervisor.

my heart was pik puk pik puk, actually today is the motor sticker ballot released and unfortunately my name has been excluded.

i was so dulan dy, but never mind, as long as I can reach campus than is enuff.

after called to my fren and got a good news, he got one more sticker to give away, i was happy actually haha. thx Chai Yoke Seng =) i own u a meal :P

after that, climax has reach, i waited from 5pm to 6pm in front of the supervisor room.

feel stress and dissapointed, cuz i not like this kind of feeling.

and at the same time, finally i reailized that the reason for not going to pak tor util this moment.

i hate the feeling of refuse, dissapointed, decline.

and the answer was fully clear for me.

and I am not going to pak tor until Im graduated.

luckily thr supervisor no fong fei kei and i managed to tell my whole idea to him.

although im not familiar with the software, but i prefer it more than programming.

i am willing to learn.

hopefully my final year can have a good memory.

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