Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Long Time No See

Thank Ong Siu for the treat of the meal, it is delicious.
but too little d XD hahaha.
anyway, it's been 2 years we didnt meet.
and I still rmb the last time I called him was regarding the study matter.
He is one of the lecturer that I admired the most.
the skill, the techniques, the fun that he made during the time when he was our lecturer.
too bad for that time my math only managed to score A- the best.
lazy to do well in the mid term XD)
recently he has completed his master in UTAR.
quite surprised that he is no longer a lecturer or a tutor in UTAR.

this is the photo taken from his blog =)
feel free to view.
that night was great because having many topics we chit-chat from the past to present and the future.
have fun and dissapointments from all the topics.
dont worry, next time i promise i will treat u eat a very very very nice dinner to you when i edi have the ability XD.
what I have said on that night are all true haha.
good luck to you also =)
basically i came to KL intenrship is to meet back some old friend which almost lost contact.
Im glad that most of you all still treat me as a good friend.
and I appreaciated it.
good luck and all da best.