Sunday, November 1, 2009

think before you act

recently happened many cases

read the news u will noe what was happening .


no offence to speak up my humble comment bout the accident happened jz 10 hrs ago,
one of the death person i met him 5 months ago in one restourant,

IMHO, you have your responsibility to receive the outcome whenever decision u have made,
dun not try to make a wrong decision , u will cost heavily.
the outcome is unexpected.

like this case, for the past 1 week, when approach 5-6pm, the sky will start raining.
and it is dangerous if we do some outdoor activities like the upper case.
furthermore, whenever decision u have made, u have to foresee the worst result u will have if you insist to do that.

actually they hv the chance to get out of this accident. there have residents advice them not to go inside the water, and they insist to do that.

and now the war of arguement has happened at here

last but not least,


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