Friday, November 20, 2009

Interview & Accident

went to PJ CSC for intern's interview;
Susan is a nice person;
internship has been approven;
gonna spend 5 months in PJ after New Year;
1 yr & 5 months ago I was a student at there;
1 yr & 5 months later I will have my internship at there;
PJ has changed alot;

on the way back kampar;
rained and car accident happened;
Kembara has become the meat btw the hamburger;
serious and severe;
just like the photo;
we are helpful but we are helpless too;


Dorae-ong said...

See you in PJ then. Ha ha, welcome back.

Park said...

haha, sure :P

but i scared you so busy oli :P

alwayz go to KLLCC kinokuniya bookstore oli XD

Dorae-ong said...

Ha ha. Is busy la, but still can meet people ma.