Wednesday, October 21, 2009


i don't believe in forever, including love & living.

nothing will last forever

i hate people who in love like to tell other that he/she will love you forever, he and she will be forever.

cuz everything will have it own ended time.

when it has come, no one can force to be together.

i ponder for so long, and get a conclusion, i like freedom, i want free,
i don't like to be controlled by anyone,

if love is an investment, then it is surely is a business will cost a lot of loss to the owner.
i don't have much capital to participate, that's why i not dare to join.
those questions i have keep on ponder & ponder, experience and think,
should I or shouldnt I involve???

love isn't the important thing in my life, i never tried although i have changes to try.
feel shame of myself, feel dissapointed of being myself as a person who keep on failed in all the way around.

if you yourself cannot take k of your ownself, plz, dont do it because you will hurt yourself and the other.

being single is not a fault, since the day i born to the world, i am single until the moment,
there are many important thing for us to complete...

im happy, feel free, cherish for being myself...

as i say

" if love is an investment, it is surely a loss investment"


mike said...

at that time, it really did feel like it was forever.

mike said...

btw, i can't see the pictures below. it's loading very very slow. =(

Park said...

r u duyun???=.=

u changed name ah???