Thursday, October 9, 2008

a visit to Sg...part 1

ok...27th Oct i went to singapore but the damn lousy bus ticket seller said the bus go to Sg was broken so have to took a bus to JB .
this is my 1st time to go Sg. so excited

this is the 2nd time i have spent more than 6 hours to a place since the melaka trip.

8 hours later i have reached JB bus station Langgit.
Soon, i got a taxi to go to City Square to meet my brother
after we have taken our dinner ,its time for me to go to Sg ^_^ to meet my closed fren :)

basically, singapore is a nice place to live and stay because the govt provide many facilities to the ppl like SMRT and bus service.

coincident that weekend was the Singapore F1 grand prix.

so me and my brother and fren went there to enjoy the sound of engine and the view of course :)

one of the entrance

outside the entrance there were alot of citizens waiting and wish to hav a free grace of the F1 :)
btw, the sound of the car engine is too damn laugh.
more and more ppl gathered at the place
they were ppl who book the hotel which can see the scene of the F1 even thought the price is not cheap around 1000SGD per night..=.=
the car racing, and i managed to watch mclaren and ferrari car passed from my view :P
crowd came from the city hall MRT.
in order to watch for free. ppl climb up the wall to watch it and i wad one of them.but it is dangerous cuz behind the wall actually is a car park from the it is quite high.
people who dont want to be locked in the crowd place.
they watched the live show via the tv from a restourant with the sound of the F1 car!!!

part 1
part 2
part 3 which is the one i climbed up the wall to record but the light are too blight and my phone is damn sux and the quality is like tat lol :=(
that night result is Alonso won the champion.
and that nite i go home makan noodle because too hungry haha...
stay tune for upcuming days too =)

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