Saturday, October 18, 2008

a trip to sg... part 3

long long time didnt update my blog again.

this time is 2nd meet with ah bi in sg.

we met in tampines mall at friday 3rd,Oct

1st time tastes the long john silver meal.

this shop cannnot be found in Msia :(

not bad from my opinion.

especially the black chocolate ice cream.

truly recommadated for those who like to the flavour of ice cream.

miss B yg tak mau view on the photo was thinking which lolipop shud she buy for her 2 cute neice


Von's moment said...

my Heart fly 2 singapore ady...sobsob...

Park said...

we go together there soon :P
let me save more money 1st :P

Von's moment said...

i oso wan save leh,how...lolxxx....

Park said...

save $$ together :P