Monday, September 8, 2008

12 days more....

2mrw will be discrete math test...
sunday nite just bk from kl..and monday have to be rush bek to another place for revision.
basically, i didnt touch any notes since the end of EIT test.
ummh, i not realli want to be too suffering in the test because coursework mark edi helped me alot in this attle.
for myself, i just wan to be passed in the final.
nothing much worry abouit. because there are too many worries that we shouldn't be worry much.
if it comes to you then just let it comes lol :P

12 days more, the exam will be finished and burden of the study can be put aside for awhile until next Jan is cuming.
planned alot of event to be done during the holiday but oli a few will be selected due to the money issue haha...
got no money to travel all the desired places.
yesterday nite went to kl for the tvb8 junior idol.
and i was leaving early due to my bus schedule was on 8.30pm.
actually, this year i havent been to Sunway for so long cause not vehicle to go to there.
i meet long-time-no-see friends at there.
and next time i shud go to sunway lagoon once more with my fren.

okok....quite boring in studying the math.
sitting inside cm room blogging is my 1st time haha.
god bless for me in this exam....
ai lel lu ya :P

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