Monday, March 24, 2008

realization and expectation

working for one month already, time is seems passing rapidly,
and the feeling of sorrow and depression had gone out of my mind.
last time whenever i thought of that problem, a thousand ways of solution appeared in my mind but none of them can be chosen to solve the problem.
now, i understand what i want , what i like, and what i should do for the future.

1st day of working, i still remembered i was so rush to get and job into to earn sum $$ as soon as possible. i stood and waited for the customers to get my product. But at that moment, i was totally lost of my confidence and bravery to start a word from my mouth. Isnt it too hard for me???

but at that time, i scared , i scared i will do the wrong thing again....
music is the best thing right beside my side to relax myself.
no music no life. it is damn extremely correct for me and everyone :P

now everything has changed, i can start myself again.. ^_^ that's what i want !!!^_^

thank my best fren for giving me the fully support i love u all ,sincerely.

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