Monday, October 8, 2007

genting trip full report

yup...i should be feel sorry because genting was undergone at last monday and until now i just have sum precious time to do the guy..plz forgive me..

ok..let's start the journey from KL central...

we have been told to meet up at 10am sharp at kl central station

and unfortunetely Mr CK and his girl girl were late...and we almost cannot caught up the right bus..but luckily things are solved because the 1oam bus is gone already.

so we have to seperate 2 team for the bus.

me ,yt,wy,chry,and sunny a group and ck, wc and his girl girl another team.

during the journey to genting, or we can called it a hill ..^ ^
i saw so many uncle and auntie who brought a little thing .thus i can make a conclusion = they went to there for wat?? gambling lol..^ ^

1 hours later we reached there finally.

the weather at that moment was not as cool as i thought. so i didnt wear the jacket...

then we went for the skyway which will take 15 minutes to reach our destination.

then finally we reached, due to we have to wait the other gang to gather wif us..we went to the 1st world hotel lobi for waiting.

on da way to lobi
On da way to first world lobi.
Mr YT yg tak mau appear his face ot thr camara...=.=

scenery of the hall.

Mr Tai Yang and Mrs Tai Yang yg terkasihi...
Mr YT yg tak tau buat apa at that time while waiting other gang cuming.
so, he decided take a nap 1st^ ^

after 30minutes all the gang have reached to the lobi . So, we move to our room seperately.

me,yt and wg in the same room. CK and his gal gal in another room. and Mr and Mrs tai yang with wy in the same room.

after putting all of our luggage, we felt so bored so we go to tai yang's room.


wy and shui jing laid on the bed comfortably...^ ^

decision is made. Pizza Hut was our choice!!!!


hit please argue shout.( in chinese= da qing ma qiao)

these are all the snap shot that i taken at there....becasue i was too boring...^ ^

during the night we have been to the game station there havin sum game's time...'s time to go bak to our own room...and Mr CK and MRS CK went to our room for gambling...or aka zao dai D..^^

ok...this is the 1st day of the trip...

lets wait for the next 2 days on next post..^ ^


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