Wednesday, October 24, 2007

2nd day at Genting

im just feel that im too lazy to type word by word with my own hand....recently i have found that i geting tired and lazy to do so.....

but anyway, i will try my best to update my blog frequently...since Miss Pooi Ting have told me to do so..haha...^ ^

i canot upload my photo..and it makes me feel so annoying..=.=
2nd day we went to the theme park for play.
we play until 2pm. and during that time we have played the rolla coaster for 3 times!!!!haha..
but then...wc,wy sunny and chry they didnt play so much..and only played for the soft game only....^ ^
we already paid 31rm for the we have to play extremely..can say so...^ ^
after that...KFC times....
and i saw sem1 ppl also went there too...^ ^a couple...
at nite nothing to do..but wai geth was giving us a big surprise...!!!!
he came to Genting just immediately he bek from SABAH..oh my god...wat a horrible guy..^ ^
and that time me,yt,wc and wg were going out for a that time..the weather was holydamn cool!!!!!!!
when the time hit 4am...we finally went bek to our room for rest.
so 2nd day was over.


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