Wednesday, May 2, 2012

what a girl want?

at what situation girl will have the feel to the guy??
i mean what action did the guy do then will make the girl hv the feeling??
XXX says:
hmm....i think 细心 耐心 important ba
patient when u wan to get a gal's attention...
gals always will start impression with a guys 细心
sometimes a litter motion will have impress de
like when u and her accross the road
u stand at the side where car is coming..and ask her to stand another side of u
that impress...
cos she will realise u are protecting her...
haha...osund pro hoh...haha...but it really work lo

f u can lead a girl to better life..that will good too
not in money
but in knowledge..
guys GK will be better than gal..
if when the gals have problem then she will calling u for help, or some comment...
then u get it too

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