Wednesday, June 29, 2011


what am I doing now???

currently in singapore, looking for job.

but i hv missed 3 calls in singapore. should I go bk PJ to work????

Im not realli know what the F I gonna do now.

just be calm down. everything is under control.

my initial plan is go workign holiday in Australia. but then plan change due to one incident I have meet in penang.

and iwthout hesitiation, i found myself in singapore 2 weeks ago.

so far I have sent many resume out, and I also declined 2/3 interviews.

because the slaary is low 1.6k, and got shift work. WTF i want to do a shift work with such price??

basically i think that frsh graduate of dgree holder is no value in singapore. they want experience ppl.

and luckily i had my 1st interview in Singapore last friday. the job is damn near to my place. within 10 mins by bus I can reach there.

and overall I quite satisfied with my performance, but since then no result have been finalised.

some said it shud take 1 weeks to inform the candidates. so I have 2 interview oppurtunities, one is NEC and another is Nikon. both salary is satisfied. and I am waiting for the interview date.

I alwayz ask myself a question. what the purpose you come singapore????

my initial plan is work for 1 year, then go travel again.

my brother said, are you need money desperate?? do you need job desperate?? choose when you have the chances to make a choice. yea, I agreed totally with his suggestion.

9th July-15th July I will have a trip to Cambodia.

So, Shall I go??

what about my job interview??

that's the dilemma I facing now. holyshit.

god bless will have a good news on the phone call. Amen. good night

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