Wednesday, October 6, 2010

this post was written in perth.

shud be the last post in perth.

thx God for let me have a big chance to experience how was the life in Perth.

here is peaceful, cold and gentle from the ppl except the ahbor =.=|||

thx Lenz for let me stay in his room.

thx Ivy for brought me to the city when I first come.

thx God I have get to know many new fren in here.

thx Desmond, Desmond, Tim, Caca, Stacey, Timmy, Ivy, KH, Rodney, Winnie, Thomas, Gabrian, Sephanie, Betty, Bryan, Wai goh, Zeus, Andy.

nice to meet you all.
and thx forEVERYTHING in Perth.

you all are great, awesome and gentle =)

I love Perth, and I love you all.

May the God bless us eternally =)

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