Saturday, January 30, 2010

Penang Cari Makan

long time didn't go back PP dd;
going to there to meet some old friend and classmate;

happened many 1st time in my life in PP;

1st time took Rapid Penang;
1st time took Ferry;
1st time enter Penang Megamall(many lala shop at there);
1st time ate Sushi Queens;
1st time go AutoCity;
1st time go ICEICE baby;
1st time sit Altis(Ah leng punya new car considered);
1st time have to travel back from mainland to island then to the mainland; =.=|||

Ah Leng punya

saya punya;

kami punya, tapi aku habis 3/4 =.=|||


Dorae-ong said...

When you went Penang? Ai ya, didn't visit me, ha ha.

Park said...

haha..u bukan di setapak meh????

2mrw will bk KL lol...

next time lol XD hahaha :P