Thursday, July 17, 2008

farewell ...

ok tis picture is taken by Von at kopitiam.
She edi gone to Sg for a month d.
we will defintely miss her forever.
but dun worry, she said that working at there is quite stressed for her.
but plz dun be worry , everything will be fine , girl.
Just take it easy and you will feel better.
next week is evon departure to Aus.
suddenly feel that all good fren have gone to different place except me.
feel sad but on the other hand m glad to hear that they are doing well currently.
happiness is minused due to some fren are leaving soon.
sau ping to Sg for study, Von to Aus for study too.
some of my frne edi gone to diffrenet local Uni for study.
hopefully still can meet them in the future.

I love my fren more than myself. that's what i mean from the past till now.


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